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ВАЖНО В данном разделе представлены выдержки из писем об отказах в британских визах заявителей, которые обращались в Посольство Великобритании самостоятельно. Рекомендуем внимательно изучить данную информацию, чтобы понять логику принятия решений визовых офицеров. Также вы найдете полезными следующие разделы нашего информационного ресурса: «Причины отказа в визе в Великобританию» и «Особенности визы в Великобританию».

The Decision

The cost of your visit to the UK is to be borne by yourself. While you have provided evidence of your funds, you have failed to provide satisfactory evidence about the origin of these funds. You have failed to provide any evidence of your employment with ***** Ltd as stated on your visa application form. As a result, I am not satisfied that the evidence provided is a true reflection of your financial circumstances or that these funds are available to you. Therefore, on the balance of probabilities, I am not satisfied that you will be maintained and accommodated in the UK without working or having recourse to public funds or are able to meet the cost of return or an onward journey as required by paragraph 41 (vi) and (vii) of HC395.

I must take into account your personal and economic circumstances in Russia when coming to my decision. Therefore, on the balance of probabilities, I am not satisfied that you are genuinely seeking entry as a visitor for a limited period not exceeding 6 months or that you intend to leave the United Kingdom at the end of the visit as required by paragraph 41 (i) and (ii) of HC395.

I have therefore refused your application because I am not satisfied, on the balance of probabilities, that you meet all of the requirements of the relevant Paragraph of the United Kingdom Immigration Rules.

The Decision

I have refused your application for a visit visa because I am not satisfied that you meet the requirements of paragraph(s) 4 of Appendix V: Immigration Rules for Visitors because:

You have applied for a visa to visit the UK as a tourist. Along with your application you have submitted evidence of your employment and a hank letter showing an account in your name; also evidence of your sponsor's willingness and ability to sponsor you on this trip. You have also submitted evidence of a property of which you have a one quarter share of ownership and a second of which you have a one eighth share of ownership.

You state that you are employed and earn £209 per month. You have submitted a letter from the bank showing an account in your name with a closing balance of RUR72615 (£726) (£1=RUR100). You have stated that you spend £100 on cost of living expenses leaving £100 as disposable income. You have stated that the cost to you of this trip is £200 which amounts to a month’s total pay or 2 month’s disposable income. I acknowledge that you mother is to part sponsor your trip; however I also note that the cost of the trip is approximately £800 which equates to about 4 months of your total salary.

You have submitted evidence of your mother’s employment and her salary is stated as RUR75300 (£753) as well as a letter from the bank showing an account in her name showing a closing balance ot RUR170049 (£1704). You state that she is to sponsor you an amount of £600 which equates to almost a month’s total salary or approximately one third of her total savings. The evidence that you have submitted does not show your mother’s personal and financial circumstances furthermore the letter from the bank does not satisfactory show the origin of these funds. I am therefore not satisfied that these funds will be available for your exclusive use.

Given the paragraphs above, and considering the balance of probabilities, I am not satisfied as to your intentions for visiting the UK, that you will leave at the end of the period specified by you nor that you will be able to maintain and accommodate yourself in the UK without recourse to public funds or taking employment, or that you can meet the cost of your onward journey or return journey from the UK as required by paragraph 4 of Appendix V of the United Kingdom Immigration Rules. Appendix V4.2 (a)(c)(d)(e)

The Decision

You have applied to enter the UK for 4 weeks. You have stated that you are a Project Manager at ***** and have provided an employment letter as evidence that you work for ***** and that you are being dispatched to the UK in order to participate in on-site knowledge transfer and planning meetings with ***** business analysts. I further note that your employer states that you will not engage in project management duties and that the need for such short-term visits is on-going starting in June 2016.I acknowledge that you have also provided an invitation letter from *****, who state they have a business contract with *****, to this effect.

I understand that you have previously been issued a UK six month business visitor visa on 07/11/2013 and on that application you stated that you intended to conduct a two week business trip to meet with *****. The information that you have provided on your visa application and the stamps in your passport indicate that you made three business trips to the UK resulting in a total stay of just over four months. I note that the first trip you made to the UK was on 17/11/2013 and that you stayed for just over one month. This was then followed by a further two month trip from 05/01/2014. This was then followed by a further one month visit from 08/04/14. Whilst I am aware two years have passed since this time, the business trip that you propose making is similar to that stated in your previous application. I acknowledge that you have provided a letter from *****. However looking at the time that you spent in the UK on the last visa and given that you have presented similar circumstances today, I am not satisfied that you intend a short trip of four weeks as stated by you and that your intention is to attend business meetings.

In view of these concerns, I am not satisfied with your reasons for wishing to visit the UK now or that your presence in the UK will not lead to you carrying out activities purporting to work, which is not permitted by Appendix V of the Immigration rules. Equally, I am also not satisfied that you will leave at the end of the period as stated by you. As a result I am not satisfied that you are seeking entry as a genuine visitor to undertake a business activity listed in Appendix 3, (sub sections 5 and 6) of the Immigration Rules for visitors. Your application has therefore been refused under Paragraph V4.2 (c).

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